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Freeport is located along the shores of Casco Bay, just to the South of Brunswick and only 20 minutes north of Portland. Well known for its outlet shopping areas, Freeport also possesses a combination of rural, residential, ocean-front and recreational areas. The town is rich in beauty, history, and a population that is strongly committed to its community. Freeport real estate is some of the most valuable in the region. Buyers should also check out homes for sale in Cumberland, or Yarmouth.

As one of Maine's most popular retail locations, Freeport attracts locals and tourist alike throughout the year. Though the hustle and bustle of downtown can be exciting, the coastal side of Freeport bears its own delights. Palatial beach homes, and seaside condos dot the coastline, as the choppy waters of the Northern Atlantic create an enchanting scene. Freeport has many options for real estate on the water. Inland, the rolling hills showcase the Early Colonial farms for which the New England countryside is so well known.

The town was once a part of North Yarmouth called Harraseeket, after the Harraseeket River. First settled about 1700, it was set off and incorporated on February 14, 1789 as Freeport. It is probably named "from the openness of its harbor" (free from ice). Freeport developed as four villages—Mast Landing, Porter's Landing, South Freeport and Freeport Corner—all of which are now part of the National Register Harraseeket Historic District.

Freeport is often credited with being the birthplace of the state. In fact, many meetings of Maine leaders took place at Freeport's Jameson Tavern, debating and planning the separation from Massachusetts, which took place in 1820. These among other sites give further insight into Freeport's history. Find more information below. 

Purchasing real estate in Freeport is a great way to get your own piece of history. Whether you find a 18th century cape, or Colonial farmhouse, homes in Freeport always have a story.

Freeport Historical Housing Statistics

There are many options for real estate in Freeport Maine, providing buyers with a vast selection in order to find a home that is just right. Whether you’re looking for a beachside estate, cozy forest cabin, or just a place to hang your hat, Freeport has a community for everyone.

The Freeport, Maine housing market for residential real estate saw a total of 98 residential homes and condos sell in 2012 compared with 94 in 2011. The median sales price in 2012 was $335,000 compared with $340,000 in 2011 however despite this statistical drop the real estate market is quite stable overall. Those looking for real estate ind Freeport should also browse real estate markets in North Yarmouth, and Cumberland. 

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# Sold9994%
Median Price335340-1%

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Freeport Schools and Education Overview

Education Overview for Freeport

Freeport public schools are "...committed to providing the means for intellectual, emotional, ethical, social, and physical growth for cultural and ethnic diversity." The hope behind this mission is to give each student an opportunity to grow as an individual, not just another number in the system. Freeport is also home to the private Merriconeag Waldorf School, which gives an alternative route to traditional education.

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Recreation in Freeport, ME

Freeport, ME Recreation Activities

Wolfe's Neck Woods State Park is a five minute drive from the center of Freeport's bustling shopping district, and as visitors approach the park, marshes and open fields provide a tranquil transformation back to nature. In 1969, this area of more than 200 acres was given to the State by Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M.C. Smith of Freeport. The park contains varied ecosystems, including climax white pine and hemlock forests, a salt marsh estuary, and the rocky shorelines on Casco Bay and the Harraseeket River.

People with homes in the Brunswick-Freeport area have at there fingertip so many opportunities to get out into nature.

L.L. Bean’s flagship store is located in Freeport and is their first and largest store. During your visit, enjoy their free schedule of activities in Discovery Park, seasonal sporting expos, outdoor adventures and exploring downtown Freeport.